What We Offer

The services we provide at Stegink Financial are customized for each client, based upon the specific needs that are being addressed. While some clients may only want to begin with a single life or health insurance policy, other clients desire a broad-based analysis of their financial situation.

Some of the services we offer:

  1. Financial and Insurance Advisory Services
  2. Planning for Retirement
  3. Planning for College
  4. Personal Money Management Support
  5. Cash Flow Planning
  6. Risk Management and Income Protection

Some of the products we offer:

  1. Brokerage Accounts
  2. Mutual Funds and Variable Annuities
  3. Individual Retirement Accounts (Roth, Rollover and Traditional IRA's)
  4. Small Group Retirement Plans (401k, Simple IRA, Individual K, SEP IRA)
  5. Education/College Savings Accounts
  6. Life Insurance – Term, Universal Life and Whole Life
  7. Health Insurance – Individual and Small Group
  8. Medicare Supplemental Products / Medicare Advantage Plans
  9. Disability Insurance
  10. Fixed Annuities